I want to write a poem,
but words fail me.
To describe your alluring eyes,
blue pools in which I'd drown,
but words can not suffice.

I want to draft a piece,
to write of your well-sculpted body,
as of a rippling Greek god
but the tip of my pen refuses to dance.

I want to give this a name,
the feeling of your heartbeat in mine,
and the pooling heat of your desire,
which is a reflection of my eyes.

As my quill and pen fail me,
words have betrayed this tender heart of mine.
How then do I describe the change in frequency of my heartbeat,
when you gaze lovingly at me?


I'm Adeyeba Funmi. A part 1 student of Obafemi Awolowo university. Dept. Of Crop production and protection. The pen name is Ice-Adonis...I love writing because I believe the right words can change the world.
Call/Whatsapp:  08160230502