Dellasdiary: How has it been as a graduate?

Emmanuel Faith: Well, for me God helped me. 
I came from a broken home, just mum alone. 
So I had been fending for myself right from school. My mum only pays my school fees (she doesn't joke with that) 
I feed myself, clothe myself, paid different dues here and there as an exco in the department and fellowship. 
So, either consciously or unconsciously, I had been sowing seeds towards my after school life. 

A major disappointment was when I dropped from 2.1 to 2.2 in my final year but where grades could not speak, grace did. 

Today is exactly six months that I left school and by God's grace and mercies I am doing well. 
I might not have money in my account but I haven't begged for money

 I haven't ran helter skelter for job, I have done one interview and that's Unilever, where I am right now I didn't do interview, it was God. From student internship, which was a reward for winning a tax competition, to graduate internship which I walked up the the CEO of the company to ask for, and now graduate trainee which is God's divine way of rewarding hardwork ,I haven't been in need for job. 
As a matter of fact I stopped sending out my CV when like three firms called me for interview in one week, I only went for one (unilever) I passed on the remaining two (one of my friends is working in one of the two right now)

We can deliberately and prayerfully prepare for our after school life, I finished with a 2-2,some of my friends don't believe, but I am sure they would see it on my convocation but I can categorically say that by God's grace and mercies none of my friends that finished with 2/1 or first class Is better than me. I am not disputing good grades o, (I actually love good grades and I flaunt my friends that finished with good grades) 
I am saying CGPA is just one factor out of many. 

So don't just run with life, plan, pray and pursue. 
After all I did for Unilever as a student, if they told me I wouldn't work for Unilever, I wouldn't believe it.
I was exposed to responsibility early, till now, at home I foot the basic utility bills- Lawma, PHCN, security fee. 
I buy the basic things, toiletries, water etc. 

Life for me after school has been good, great and adventurous. 
It might not be fun or fulfilling as I thought it would be. 
But God has been faithful and for that I am grateful

I believe if I can do it 

And God is willing to help everyone who asks