There’s that failure that doesn’t come as a part of the process. It’s the devastating kind that sort of puts an end to an ongoing process.

      Inevitably, we all have to meet some form of disappointment at some point in life. It’d be somewhat unrealistic to believe that somebody somewhere got it right all the time, yet it’d be unscientific to believe that everyone everywhere got it wrong sometime. So, let’s beam the stage lights on you and me. I’ve failed before, have you? I’m guessing ‘yes’ is your answer. If by the slightest chance in the world, everything you’ve ever wanted and worked for came your way then you need to ‘fail’ to complete reading this piece, you can read it later. Okay, that was on a lighter note and I really hope you didn’t ‘fail’ to appreciate the injected humour. All I need is someone who has failed before and we’re good to go.


     Failure is a problem, just like falling down is. However, it becomes the lesser problem when our actions after the failure are dictated by negative reactions to the failure. The bigger problem is staying down, never getting up. As they say, once bitten, twice shy. You’re stung once and you’re subdued forever. It’s almost impossible to feel good after a setback, whether minor or major and you just take it a notch higher by always feeling bad about it. You never garner enough courage to try again, which is grossly unfair to the winner in you. Does ‘once bitten’ always have to be ‘twice shy’? Do we solve the failure by failing to try again in an attempt to avoid failing again? I think not. 

     Actually, I think ‘once bitten’ should always come with a bit of ‘twice shy’, lest we rush blindly into the process all over again and rush out with a fresh bite wound. ‘Twice shy’ just means, take a breather, re-strategize and emerge re-energized, then act wiser because some other thing sure worse than a failure is a second failure. I also think that ‘twice’ shouldn’t translate into ‘forever’. So, while being ‘shy’, strive to make a bold decision to try again, and try better this time around. So, there you have it. The ball is in your court. Actually, the ball has never left your court.

      When those moments come, always take your time to preen your feathers. Then, spread your wings. 

     Fly, reader, Fly!



Hi! My name is Faniyan Joshua Oreoluwa aka Joshie~Ef. I'm a medical student with a burning passion for putting pen to paper and making words come alive. To put it in simpler terms.

"I love to make it rain. I've got an overflowing brain I must drain with little strain and no pain. What I do is simple.

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