I woke up this morning thinking of you. As many years more as I have left before I have you, I pray for you every now and then. You always come to my heart.

I've heard of how mothers were and how they never understood their children and lacked them of various things because they didn't get it in their time.

I've heard of how mothers now call their children 'Oloriburuku' or 'Omo Ale' which is so out of it.

I've heard of how they beat mercilessly to correct a child not knowing how much it makes the child stubborn.

I've heard of how they choose career paths with their myth of who makes it in life more than another profession.

I've heard of mothers who start to carry you to rivers to get your head washed because you're still unmarried at the age of 30 like it determines anything in your life.

I've heard of mothers who gang up with their children against their father in gossip and not in prayers.

I've even heard of the ones who starve their children of food because of a wrong or probably locks you outside.

I've heard mothers say to their children's teachers "Beat her well, if you don't beat her, she won't listen" like their children are goats.

Oh well, I've promised myself not to be any of the above. I'd bring you up in God's standard and give you a perfect example of who a mother is. I'd understand your love language and treat you as such. I'd never raise my tongue or hand at you (those things made me more stubborn). When you choose to be a runner, I'd support you wisely. I won't rush you into marriage until you're ready to. We'd just pray for your dad when we need him to change his mind (don't worry, my mouth is enough to change his mind sef.). I'd treat you as a godly mother.

I really cannot wait for you to proudly call out to me as your mother amidst your peers.

I'd also get so interested in your life even to as deep as  who your crush in primary 1 is (we all went through that stage. Lol).

My greatest gift this year were words from God about you and I'm excited already! It's still a long way to go though. But I love you already!

By the way, I have names prepared for you!