Today, we'll forever cling  

Unto the walls of memories 

Like shell of a snail  

With a thousand eyes  

Were severely slammed  

Like aluminium doors 

Before gazes and stirs  

Into the mirror of a new dawn. 

Today we'll forever be concertos  

We'll always sing  

From sorrowful grins 

As hymns and refrains 

With how many sounds were  

Silenced before the appearance  

Of the world tireless lamp 

Into the projector of the earth 

O! Today we say 

 Will forever be a tale 

Written from the ink  

Of streaming bloods  

On a pamphlet  

Laced with colorful tears 

As lines and pages 

Paragraphs and punctuations. 

-Ibraheem lateef Adebayo 

All rights reserved 

Ibraheem lateef Adebayo, was born in Ile Ife, Osun State though he hails from ila orangun. He is a writer/poet who writes about the society and mankind.

I can be reached on  
234 812 304 3688