Attend The Della Content Development Class

Are you interested in promoting business growth for money?
Are you interested in Content Development?
Would you like to learn how to teach Content Development?
Are you ready to continue your year with acquiring a rare skill?

Then The Della Content Development Class might be exactly what you need. 

In 7 days, I will be training *ten (10)* young, smart, driven, aspiring business moguls personally online, with the right resources and tools and under the right conditions. 

The class will include a practical 7-day workshop, featuring examples and case study work to ensure an appropriate balance between the practical and the theoretical. It is going to be absolutely *online* and will take the following forms:

-WhatsApp Discussions
-Assignments/Research Work
-Analysis of Works
-Online Seminars/Trainings
-Plus a one-day meet up before the end of the internship for networking purposes. 

Day 1. Introduction to Content Creation: Meaning and Importance.
Day 2. Content and Planning Strategy: Setting your content goals, Creating a buyer persona, Relying on the buyer's journey, Content Promotion, etc
Day 3. The Content Creation Promotion: SEO, Ideation, Research, etc
Day 4. Content Creation Tools: Canva, Giphy, etc
Day 5. Creating a Content Plan: Web content, Blog content, etc
Day 6. Analyzing your Content: Engagement, Audience, Organic, etc
Day 7. Conclusion and Project.

The training is FREE. 

However, you will be required to register to be admitted for the class. 

To register, follow this link:

P.S: Attempting each of the Content Development questions is more important that having a perfect/imperfect knowledge about it. So, please, you don't need to worry. All I want to see is your line of thought. 

For more inquiries, reach out on http:

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