A lot of things come in handy for me. I can do them even in my sleep.

Skipping. Thinking. Running. Maybe eating beans. Lol

But not being a woman.

Being a woman is a deliberate effort. It's a nature and comes from the inside.

To everyone being a woman,
To every girl growing to becoming a woman,
To every lady scared of being called a woman,

We didn't choose to be women.
God chose us to walk through this journey and we have to be deliberate about it.

Walking strong.
Working strong.
Feeling strong.
Filling strong.

A strong woman is who which even in the storms of life cherishes the generation to be birth in her not giving up.

A strong woman is one who debunks the thought of suicide knowing so much the nations to suffer from her non existence.

A strong woman is one who supports other women out there without getting intimidated.

A strong woman is one who sees God as her source and never relies in her physical strength but relies in Him.

A strong woman is one whom this day stands to Balance for Better. Balance for choosing to do whatever comes to your hands without thinking "Oh. Being an electrician is the work of a man", "Oh. We are the weaker vessel so yeah, the job is not for me" but rather she says "My gender never disrupts me from working in my capacity" and works and stuns the world.

That strong woman could be you!

Dedicated to my mum: Ogundele Abayomi Olufunke for being a strong mother, wife and Entrepreneur and also to every strong woman out there doing their best.