It's been a while since I wrote on my blog and to think that I'm here to reply to a blog post my friend made on Feminism days ago is (insert the word).

You might want to check the blog post before reading my reply, here.

I would shrug so much and get angry if you give a woman an opportunity because she's a woman; like letting her in first, giving her a leverage, giving her your sweater as a guy or even saving her from an accident while amidst men 'because she's a woman'. And yes, I'm a feminist.

Few days back, I was at a field where a race was on and a woman was to compete with four guys. She was put about 15 steps forward from the start line 'because she's a woman'. I was there as an official, but I was burning. I walked up to the referee and queried him but again, I got 'because she's a woman'.

This woman cheerfully and majestically ran and won. Is this anti-feminist? Yes.

What exactly is my point? Buttressing what my friend wrote in his post is that being a feminist is a choice of what you believe in and what you stand for. A lot of others make feminism quite complicated for people to understand or even support. They go on the streets of Twitter and make things really difficult and then you try to have an intelligent conversation with someone but you can't and then you ask; what have you heard? Of course because such person has heard really different things and cannot place a definite belief in feminism.

No. This is not wrong. The wrong thing is replacing the basic idea of what feminism is. Feminism is equal rights and opportunities for males and females. Irrespective of gender. 

Feminism is not a fight against men. It's not even a fight against masculinity.

''Our fight is not against men. We have men as our fathers, friends, brothers, boyfriends. It will only be stupid to fight against men. Our fight is against patriarchy, the system that insinuates that women are less; and both women and men are enablers of patriachy. 

Interestingly, men also suffer from patriarchy in many cases but patriarchy is arranged in such a way that it makes the man feel he is more, even when he is obviously suffering from harmful standards that he shouldn't be under in the first place.'' -Orifunke Lawal

If you have had a wrong idea about feminism, it would be proper for you to understand it well before getting into an argument with a feminist based on your idea about it.

Move with the simple meaning. You could have your exceptions to them but stand for it when you have to.

If you are my kind of feminist, you would probably shrug and find gender errors more quickly and yes, act against them too. For 'Feminists Lite' who say ''I believe in gender equality but I'm not a femimist'', I'm not  exactly sure of what you mean but I assume it is a kind of fear ranging from the categorizing of feminism few humans have given to feminism. 

To you, this might not necessarily be a reply, it might be a buttress note. However, I hope you get the point.

Stand for what you believe. Before you argue, understand the whole term. Don't be swung by 'every wind of doctrine'.

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